Creating an aligned strategy with the company culture is often a struggle.  The experiences I’ve had in my 18 years within consumer goods industry have proven this to me.   Finding cultural capabilities while setting achievable objectives was critical in my roles while optimizing global merchandising processes, refining the customer journey, and building brand loyalty.  I’ve had to implement transformative processes and technology in environments with constant fluctuation, while always maintaining a focus on enhancing the customer experience.  

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Professional Testimonials

        I worked with Jon at Swarovski, during a phase of phenomenal growth ,and a major shift in brand positioning . Jon was initially responsible for the planning / allocation functions of our retail business ,which grew from a small # of stores ( 23) to over 200+ stores. During that phase of growth,Jon was instrumental in laying out the foundation of our merchandising plans, building in strong financial models for each store profile, along with the enhanced systems reporting required to manage this explosive part of our business .Our retail stores experienced 5 straight years of double digit comp store increases ,and saw the average volume store climb from $ 650k to over $1.2 million . 

I found Jon to be a very smart individual who professed great insight into the business ,pulling out relevant data that helped us better understand our consumer as well as trends that were occurring in various retail models . He has an incredible work ethic and is an executive that you can count on day in day out. 

I also found Jon to be a very professional executive who would present his ideas and thoughts in a very well thought out manner. He was always respectful of others thoughts and ideas,and was very open to think about approaches in a different manner.


I look back at that very exciting period of growth that Swarovski experienced during those days,and give a ton of credit to Jon as one of the reasons we had those great results . 

Kevin Coen, Former President of Swarovski North America

         I had the pleasure of managing Jon during his time with Hearts On Fire. He was a model professional, always striving to bring something special to his relationship with his customers. He possessed that all-too-rare combination of intellect and instinct, having a very logical and reasoned approach to challenges while also having the luxury of great innate intuition.


He is an excellent communicator and his drive and creativity were always important assets to our organization, We were very sorry to see him leave.

Peter Smith - Former Executive Vice President Brand Development,  Hearts On Fire

         From the onset of his Swarovski tenure (I having brought Jon into the organization to support the then just emerging retail strategy with his retail merchandise management skills), it was evident to me that he had considerable career potential. Jon quickly established himself as a key driver of this rapidly developing retail business through his intellect, hard work, and passionate approach to the business. After further developing his career outside of Swarovski in wholesale jewelry sales, I was fortunate to be able to bring Jon back to continue the growth of the Swarovski retail business as Director of Retail Planning and Allocation. 

Jon has always demonstrated the ability to work concurrently at the strategic, tactical, and operational level. His knowledge of the whole is gained through a very careful understanding of the particulars … a critical attribute for retail. His approach to retail challenges is through the use of his keen analytical skills always operating in way that aims towards a synthesis, a holistic understanding of the issue.This approach also served him well in leading several major projects during his tenure. As a team leader, he always demonstrates a supportive, process-centered, yet results oriented approach that seeks continuous improvement of himself and the team. 

Jon has clearly realized the potential shown in his early career.

Bob Grant - Former VP, Supply Chain Planning,  Swarovski North America