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Transformations are hard,  

and digital ones are even harder

1) Buy In - Successful transformations have a c-suite that is educated on the benefits and support the requirements in the form of firm goals.

2) Goals – Create ambitious goals, but achievable.  Communicate them clearly throughout the org.

3) Funding – This requires investment.  Secure it and protect it from cuts.

4) Talent - More than anything else, digital transformation requires talent.

5) Technology -  From the IoT, data lakes, AI, AR, and SaaS solutions, the raw potential of emerging technologies is staggering.

6) Data - Most company data architecture is inadequate and has integrity issues.  Transformations require data quality and solid analytics.

7) Process - Transformation requires an end-to-end customer mindset and seamless connection of work activities across department silos.

8) Execution – Utilize agile ways of working, set clear milestones, and review them regularly

9) Culture – Foster a digital culture that is hungry for change.  Reward it visibly in the org.

10) Scale – Build capabilities and integrate the transformation into the company to sustain the change.

Don't underestimate the requirements for change....

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