Optimizing the global product offering
  • Eliminated 53% of active items from the global offering that were deemed unproductive.

  • Identified key gaps in the product line where key style offerings and price points were missing. Collaborated with design to create products that filled this void.  These products (14% of the line) generated 42% of the year’s sales.

  • Established a global product council that meets each season to provide input and best practices, while also selecting items for their regional assortments.   Similar to a buying event  but with more diverse content.

  • Re-structuring of the new product introduction process.  The focus was to increase the frequency of new product launches (a move from 2 to 7 per year) and streamline the time to market for new concepts.

  • Released two new product concepts that resulted in an addition 8% and 3% of total revenues. 


Development of a global organization, process, and system implementation to standardize merchandise planning in the organization.

  • Create standardized roles required for regional offices to assign or acquire and execute global training programs.

  • Identify central vs regional activities and timelines to avoid ambiguity and potential conflict.

  • Procurement and implementation of a merchandising system (TXT) in  4.5 mil Euro project that covered financial planning, range planning, assortment planning, allocation, and replenishment.

  • Achieved a 48% reduction in out-of-stock rates in key items while increasing stock turn by 24% and reaching margin targets in the rollout of optimizations within EMEA.

  • Laid the foundation for the implementation of Omni-Channel processes and ecommerce activities.

Process created to regularly maintain the product line and to liquidate residual products.


  • Bi-annual events to eliminate underperforming items from the global assortment.

  • Creation of a new sales channel for the liquidation of excess goods.  Physical Pandora outlets, Pandora online, & 3rd party websites.

  • Creation of pricing, promotion, VM, training, and allocation/replenishment processes specific to this channel.

  • Generated 20.5 million EUR in annual sales that would have otherwise led to scrap.

Re-alignment of points of distribution in wholesale, retail, and eCommerce channels


  • Evaluated all existing points of distribution to assess profitability, potential, and quality of the retail experience.

  • Eliminated 42% of wholesale accounts, 4% of retail stores, and 27% of    e-commerce sites that failed to meet established targets.

  • Established minimum quality standards, new retailing concepts, and KPIs to ensure remaining accounts maintained the integrity of the brand.

  • Utilized detailed demographic and psychographic data along with mapping technology to create optimal geographic entry into new points of distribution.

  • Evaluated consumer purchase habits by venue and channel to tailor prodocut assortments and generate targeted marketing activities.

  • Grew sales with a 9% and 12% L4L increase in existing locations.

  • Generated a new account aquisition package to present to new accounts.

  • Successfully added over 100 new multi-brand locations in year one and +150 in the following year.

  • Hired a team of New Distribution Managers to open new accounts, deliver the business opportunity, and set a strategic course for training, merchandising, below the line marketing & operations.