Jonathan DelFino

An experienced innovator, team builder, and problem solver, with a track record of cultivating potent teams of talent, motivating organizations to transform, and being passionate about practical innovation that leads to impact. 


Modern retail requires connecting online and offline touchpoints to create effective customer journeys

- Make the customer the sales channel
- Bridge the gap between physical space and e-commerce
- Touchpoint architecture – interconnect touchpoints with purpose
- Create seamless customer journeys
- Personalize experiences and recommendations



Digital transformations require a common collection of values:

- Customer experience above all else.
- Simplicity and speed taken to the max.
- Investment in continuous innovation.
- Fact-based decision making.
- Collaboration & accountability as company culture.


Take a proactive approach to planning and keep up with consumer demand. Optimize your value chain from end-to-end by creating effective teams, efficient processes, and data utilization for prescriptive analytics.

- Supply Chain Management with AI powered solutions

- Retail Analytics

- Merchandise Management

- Demand Management

- Order management


Jonathan has a dynamic  background with over of 20 years of experience in sales, merchandising, strategy, innovations, and omnichannel evolutions.  His passion is transforming organizations to adapt to the rapid evolution in B2B and B2C commerce in the digital age.  


His career began with working with FMCG retailers and evolved in the world of luxury goods.  While he has implemented many new technologies and process advancements during his career, nothing has been more impactful than the cultural evolutions that were initiated and absorbed.  Carefully crafted plans for strategy and execution are essential, but the reality is, culture eats strategy for breakfast.



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