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Who Am I?

Jonathan DelFino
Commerce Reformer
Brand Developer
  • Inspirational leader adept at finding great talent and then coaching, mentoring, and motivating them.

  • 20+ years of diverse wholesale & retail experience with heavily branded consumer goods and retail companies. 

  • Experienced in managing both turnaround and hyper-growth situations that required adaptation and evolution.

  • Focused on creating and maintaining brand integrity, value, quality while positioning commercially viable goods.

  • Developer of customer centric approaches that bring commercially viable products to market along side a brand experience.

  • Generates results that can be quantified in sales increases, stock turn productivity, margin improvement, and profitability in both an owned & operated, franchise, and wholesale models of retail. 

  • Achieves goals through a blend of communication, business development, and operations skills surrounded by a leadership ability to hire and motivate talented professionals.  

  • Experienced in roles that provide a broad perspective and a versatile toolbox when addressing various business challenges and development opportunities. 

  • Passionate about international business and breaking cultural barriers that impede collaboration across departments and borders.

Philosophy & Values
  • Respect and embrace each individual’s unique talents.  Encourage and listen to contributions and input from qualified sources while making business decisions. 

  • Create consistency in data and processes to allow for effective collaboration.

  • Ensure fiscal responsibility.  Minimizing inventory requirements while maximizing sales opportunities. 

  • Clear and effective communication.  Understanding your audience and the critical takeaways.           

           “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” ~ George Bernard Shaw


  • Challenge the status quo:      

       - Does this represent the brand’s core values?
       - Is the experience enjoyable, engaging, and consistent?  
       - How does this add to or improve the culture?
       - What impact will this have to the bottom line?   
       - Will this be a mutually acceptable solution to the conflict?

  •  Provide clarity to a diversified group of professionals across departments into the over arching mission and goals of the group, as  well as insight into what is required of them to ensure it is achieved.

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