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Leverage Extensive Industry Experience: Over 20 years of diverse experience in wholesale and retail sectors, particularly within heavily branded consumer goods companies, to provide invaluable insights and guidance.​

Adaptability and Growth Management: Management of both turnaround situations and hyper-growth scenarios, showcasing adaptability and a knack for evolving strategies to meet changing demands.

Brand Integrity and Commercial Success: Prioritizing brand integrity, value, and quality while driving commercial success, ensuring that products resonate with customers and deliver sustainable profitability.


Customer-Centric Innovation: Developers of customer-centric approaches to product development and brand experiences, bringing commercially viable products to market while enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Quantifiable Results: Deliver measurable results, including sales increases, enhanced stock turnover, margin improvements, and overall profitability across diverse retail models.


Versatile Skill Set:  Offer a broad perspective and a versatile toolbox for addressing various business challenges and opportunities, drawing from experience in multifaceted roles.

Global Perspective and Collaboration:  Maintain a passion for international business that thrives on breaking cultural barriers to foster collaboration across departments and borders, driving innovation and growth on a global scale.


Leadership Excellence: Exceptional leadership qualities by identifying, nurturing, and inspiring talented individuals to achieve their full potential.

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